The 10th Amendment and a possible assault weapons ban.

25 02 2009

People continuously ask us in the store about a new AWB (Assault Weapons Ban) and what the odds are. I have recently come across a new movement in the country where states are re-affirming their rights under the 10th Amendment. But first, what the heck does the 10th Amendment say?

TENTH AMENDMENT: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

So what exactly does that mean? Lets go here to see what the says:

In a nutshell, if the Constitution does not give the Federal government the power the States have THAT power. Several states have legislation pending that affect guns as well. Montana has a bill that says, in a nutshell the Federal ban on weapons does not apply in Montana to include newly manufactured in Montana. This can not be good news for the ATF and they surely are not happy about it. But as long as the weapon does not enter inter-state commerce why should the Federal government have any say at all in what happens with that gun and it’s owner?

People, I highly encourage you to get with your pro-liberty Legislators and get a bill like this started in your State. Get involved and get a movement going to re-affirm your rights and the States rights that the Federal government has usurped.


Are you prepaired? Are you really? I doubt it…..

22 02 2009

The following videos are from Glenn Beck, and quite simply he is discussing the worst case scenarios for the end of the US. His analysts illustrate how things that we have been worried about are playing out in the US as we speak. Now we do an emergency prep class, but some of these things are real issues that can be prepaired for that are playing out.


I am curious to hear everyone comments.

Purchasing a hoster and belt….

17 02 2009

If you have been into firearms or have been carrying a firearm for any length of time you probably have a drawer full of old holsters. It happens to all of us. So what is the best way to avoid throwing money away on extra holsters that you wont use again? Make a good selection the first time!


First, think carefully about how you want to carry. Think abut your lifestyle and what type of concealment would be the most usefull across the board. For most people the strong side under the arm seems to work the best. It provides good accessability, even while seated and the natural drape of the shirt or jacket will help conceal the weapon. Small of the back or shoulder holsters are generally special application holsters that work in limited situations. The main drawback to the small of the back is not only does it make the gun extremely hard to reach while seated but if you get into a struggle and go to the ground and land on it you are going to be a hurting unit.

Ankle holsters are great ways to conceal for very small guns. Having the extra weight on your foot makes some differences but with time you get used to the weight and wear. If you do choose the ankle route, make sure you get one for your opposite ankle. You reach down and across to draw.

As for types of holsters, there are several materials and styles. For the sake of simplicity lets say you have picked a strong side belt holster. You can find a dozen different ways to carry your weapon there, belt slide, inside the pants, paddle and they can be made out of anything from leather, nylon or plastic. Now there are advantages and disadvantages to each of them.

Belt slides are the most common and popular since they allow you to move the holster to the front and rear, and distribute the weight evenly around the side. Inside the pants are really good for concealment but they require your pants to be a size larger to accomodate the width of the weapon. If they aren’t a size too big it squeezes you and becomes uncomfortable very quickly. Paddles are quick to get on and off but they do stick out a bit farther and put all the weight on one point.

Now leather has been the standard for many years but the kydex is coming on strong and taking a significant portion of the market share. Leather stretches but can be brought back into shape by getting it damp and throwing it in the dryer. A bad dye job can also cause corrosion on the finish and leave dye on the finish of the gun. So buy a GOOD leather holster and not a cheap one from a gunshow. Nylon does not stretch when done properly and does not wear the finish of your firearm but for some reason does not seem to be very popular. Kydex is tough, does not stretch but it does wear on the surface of your gun where the holster come in contact with the firearm. New kydex holsters also allow for a wide variety of mounting options.

As for belts, a good pistol belt is worth its weight in gold. The best way to see if a belt has the rigidity to hold your holster well is to try and fold it in half lengthwise. If the belt can be folded in half so that the top and bottom edges touch it is probably not going to be stiff enough to not sag or stretch. So get a stiff one!

I hope this short primer gets you thinking before you spend a bunch of money on several holsters. Keep in mind good gear is expensive with most belt and holster sets running between $125-175. It seems like a lot but you will be glad you spent the money. Buy once, cry once.

March classes

13 02 2009

Here are the classes for March, 2009.



Wed the 4th 6-1030

Sat the 7th 1-630

Tue/Wed the 10th/11th 6-830 each night

Sat the 14th 1-630

Mon the 16th 6-1030

Wed the 18th 6-1030

Mon/Tue 23rd/24th 6-830 each night

Sat the 28th 1-630

Mon the 30th 6-1030


The Defensive Pistol class is Wed the 25th from 6-10 PM


Please call the store to get on the class roster. 801.571.1160

News from the industry.

13 02 2009

We got word from one of our manufactures today, FN. Since November they have sold a stagering 12,000 FNAR’s! This far exceeded their expectations, but from the trenches is not a suprise. Since DPMS can’t produce enough SASS’s or other 308 precision AR’s this rifle has taken the industry by storm. I have shot the FNAR and found it to be an exceptional weapon. Very accurate and oh so pleasant to shoot. This is just the ticket for working out to 800/900m.


In November they had 220,000 pistol magazines in stock, today they have NONE! The FNAR mags that are in such high demand are in transit. They have about 20,000 of the 20 round mags. in the container. So that should tide us over for a few days.


I also read a report that between the civilian and LEO communities there are in excess of 10,000,000 AR’s on back order across the US. 10 MILLION. And people wonder why they cant get it today.

March Classes

12 02 2009

FBMG has been swamped with requests for CCW and Defensive Pistol and Mindset Classes! We are running between eight and ten CCW classes a month and they are all filling up to capacity. I will be posting the March classes Firday (the 13th) in the afternoon. Please call us and sign up quickly as classes are filling up weeks in advance.


Also, the popularity of the Defensive Pistol and Mindset Class is ever increasing. This class will be run twice a month now instead of just once. If you are concerned about your ability to survive a violent encounter, or to process the huge amount of information that will be thrown at you during this time, this is a great class for you. If you think it cant happen to you because you live the good and wholesome lifestyle, think again. All of the senarios we run you through on the simulator actually happened to people just like you and me. After each encounter you will be “debriefed” just as if it had actually happened. This class gets the blood pumping and the mind racing!


To sign up for one of the classes simply call the store and one of our helpful staff with get you signed up. And as ALWAYS, Teachers and staff of any Utah school, Utah college students and persons with a valid (and current) military ID card are FREE! We don’t teach at Cableas anymore because they wanted too much money from our students and would not give our discounts. So call the store. 801.571.1160



New Online Course – Emergency Preparedness

29 10 2008

Emergency preperation has been a great course for us that the store, and we are going to run this one in conjuction with the next class at the store. The store class is 4 weeks long, but the online
class will actually be 5 weeks. The advantage here for you members is that if there is a section that you don’t want to take, you don’t have to. You can purchase all 5 weeks or buy the class.

Files, links and online course information will be send prior to the course starting. The first course starts November 5, 2008 at 6:00 PM Mountain Time.

To register, click here