PvtPyle’s new blog

21 01 2008

If you have been around FBMG or the gear community for any length of time, you have probably come across a post by PvtPyle. Sometimes, they are not always the nicest posts, but hey what are ya gonna do? Well, for those who have found it humorous or provocative in the past, he now has his own blog.

Before you go over there though, be warned. You will probably find something that will tick you off or offend you. But you wont be alone, if you can think for yourself you will be in good company. His blog is not designed to offend, but to comment on the world as he sees it and most of the time, the injustice of it all. The world is a big shitty place, full of fucked up people and maybe if Pyle points some of it out you can avoid it or help to change it and make things better.

Enter at your own risk!





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