CZ Group Buy III – Running during September

30 08 2008
I finally received the last few backordered items from the 2nd CZ group buy, so now we can launch the 3rd. 

This is how it is going to work. Look at Pick out which models you are interested in, and then send me an e-mail at and I will respond with a quote. Please use the EXACT model number you’re interested in.

The prices will be excellent. Anybody that ordered CZs from me last time knows what I’m talking about. These will be the best prices on CZ that you will find.

This applies to rifles, shotguns, pistols, and Dan Wesson guns too.

I will be ordering guns continuously during the month. (basically everytime I’ve got 3 long guns or 3 hand guns I don’t have to pay shipping). I’m going to run this through the 3rd week in September.

Shipping times from CZ to me will vary on gun to gun. Guns that are in stock at CZ will ship quickly. Anything that isn’t in the country may take longer. I can’t really give ETAs. Of the 34 guns ordered on the February CZ group buy, I delivered 25 within a month, then a few over the next month. On the May buy, pretty much everything shipped right away except for the SP01 Tacticals, which took a month, and the Kadet kits, which took forever. So I never can tell what is going to be backed up.

Please spread the word and tell your friends.

Edit: If you find the gun on their webpage, send me the item number. That makes looking them up for quotes a lot faster, and more accurate. If you want something in left handed, make sure you use the left handed number.




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