March Classes

12 02 2009

FBMG has been swamped with requests for CCW and Defensive Pistol and Mindset Classes! We are running between eight and ten CCW classes a month and they are all filling up to capacity. I will be posting the March classes Firday (the 13th) in the afternoon. Please call us and sign up quickly as classes are filling up weeks in advance.


Also, the popularity of the Defensive Pistol and Mindset Class is ever increasing. This class will be run twice a month now instead of just once. If you are concerned about your ability to survive a violent encounter, or to process the huge amount of information that will be thrown at you during this time, this is a great class for you. If you think it cant happen to you because you live the good and wholesome lifestyle, think again. All of the senarios we run you through on the simulator actually happened to people just like you and me. After each encounter you will be “debriefed” just as if it had actually happened. This class gets the blood pumping and the mind racing!


To sign up for one of the classes simply call the store and one of our helpful staff with get you signed up. And as ALWAYS, Teachers and staff of any Utah school, Utah college students and persons with a valid (and current) military ID card are FREE! We don’t teach at Cableas anymore because they wanted too much money from our students and would not give our discounts. So call the store. 801.571.1160






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