News from the industry.

13 02 2009

We got word from one of our manufactures today, FN. Since November they have sold a stagering 12,000 FNAR’s! This far exceeded their expectations, but from the trenches is not a suprise. Since DPMS can’t produce enough SASS’s or other 308 precision AR’s this rifle has taken the industry by storm. I have shot the FNAR and found it to be an exceptional weapon. Very accurate and oh so pleasant to shoot. This is just the ticket for working out to 800/900m.


In November they had 220,000 pistol magazines in stock, today they have NONE! The FNAR mags that are in such high demand are in transit. They have about 20,000 of the 20 round mags. in the container. So that should tide us over for a few days.


I also read a report that between the civilian and LEO communities there are in excess of 10,000,000 AR’s on back order across the US. 10 MILLION. And people wonder why they cant get it today.




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